OCT. 6-14 2018

News from the Balloon Fiesta Newsletter

Apr 15, 2016

2016 Tickets Now On Sale

This year’s Balloon Fiesta, beginning October 1, will be here before we know it! We are very thankful for the attendance of our guests and popularity that our event has experienced over the years. Today, general admission tickets go on sale!
As you start making your plans, we want to make sure that you are aware of new ticket prices for the 2016 event. As development occurs in Albuquerque and especially near the Park, Parking at Balloon Fiesta will be at a premium. As a result of local real estate development, welcome in the Albuquerque economy, we’ve been notified of two parking lots that won’t be available for our use this year. The ticket price increases are needed to help Balloon Fiesta prepare for field and infrastructure improvements that’ll be needed to utilize new parking areas. Popularity of the area around Balloon Fiesta Park (for residential and commercial development) will affect our ability to use available space for parking in 2016 and into the future.  The new 2016 prices will help us prepare to address these challenges in the future.
Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you this October. Here is a complete list of this year’s fees:  
• General Admission: $10 
• Parking: $15 
• Park & Ride
o Adult-Advanced $15 
o Adult Gate $22 
o Senior-Advanced $12 
o Senior Gate $20 
o Child-Advanced $7 
o Child-Gate $10
• Gondola Club
o Adult $100; M,T,W $55 
o Child $60; M,T,W $27.50 
o Groups: Adult $80; Child $40 
• Chasers’ Club $45 
• RVs
o President’s Compound $175 
o VIP $90 
o Premium $75 
o Standard $35 
o “The Box” $45