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News from the Balloon Fiesta Newsletter

Feb 24, 2016

Inside the Basket: Janie Jordan, Balloon Fiesta Field Manager

Every staff member plays an important role in putting on the world’s largest hot air balloon festival. As an 18-year staff member, Janie Jordan serves as Field Manager. Read more about Janie’s story and what she thinks is the best part of her job in this month’s Inside the Basket!

Explain your role and how long you
have been involved with Balloon Fiesta. 

I started ballooning in 1982, crewing for Sam Baxter. In 1996, I became involved with Balloon Fiesta as a volunteer.  In 1997, I became a full time employee, working for Sam as the assistant field manager.  I define the field service department as the cosmetic department; we are the folks that make the field sparkle and shine.

How did you become the field manager and what kind of background experience do you have?

In the latter part of 2011, the field manager’s position became available and I advanced into the job. My background experience is being the assistant from 1997 to 2011.                        

What’s the best part of your job? 

Working with the Balloon Fiesta team of employees is the best part of the job.

What is your favorite part of the event? 

My favorite part of the event is seeing the first tent truck rolling in on the day after Labor Day and seeing all the tents completed on the first Saturday in October. The second best is the final day of the event and all has gone right.

What advice do you have for Balloon Fiesta guests visiting the field?

We have lots of Wayfinding signs that will help you locate things on the field.  These signs are located along Main Street (Concession Row).  There are numerous information areas also located along Main Street.  The question most asked is where are the restrooms, these locations are noted on the signs.