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News from the Balloon Fiesta Newsletter

Dec 28, 2015

Inside the Basket: Olivia Wren Ohleger, 5th grader from Stafford, Virginia

Fifth grader Olivia, 11, from Anne E. Moncure Elementary School in Stafford V.A., won her school’s yearbook cover contest with her Balloon Fiesta inspired design. Though she wasn’t at this year’s Balloon Fiesta, she was inspired by images she saw online. If you’ve got a special Balloon Fiesta story, send it our way, it may end up in a future newsletter!

What inspired you to create this drawing? 

I am in 5th grade and it is my last year at this school, so I only had one more chance to win. I knew my drawing had to be amazing. I was sketching a couple different ideas, trying to meet all the rules that are given for the contest. It had to be colorful, fill the page, and reflect the theme. At the same time that I was sketching, the ABQ Balloon Fiesta was going on and my mom showed me some pictures on Facebook that some friends had posted. The pictures were colorful and fit the theme perfectly.

How do you think your artwork illustrates your yearbook's theme?

I wanted the picture to show travel, or exploring, and be inspirational. As soon as I made a couple of sketches and looked up some more pictures online, I knew it would be the perfect thing to draw and it makes me think of an exciting journey.

What do you find special about hot air balloons and the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta that made you want to include them in your submission? 

The balloons are beautiful, colorful and graceful. The ABQ Balloon Fiesta has so many balloons with fun designs. That is what gave me the idea to put my school’s colors on the biggest balloon (blue and white), and a bear paw, for our school’s mascot, Buddy the Bear on one of the other balloons. 

If you could design or own any special shape balloon, what would it be and why?

If I could design my own balloon, I would make it in the shape of a heart. The color would be fuchsia, and inside the heart would be two paintbrushes, because art belongs to my heart.