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Oct 4, 2010

From the Family of Dr. Carol Rymer Davis

Release from the Family of Dr. Carol Rymer Davis
Bristol, UK; October 4, 2010

On Saturday night, September 25th, Carol Rymer Davis and Richard Abruzzo lifted off from a field in Bristol with high expectations and the support of friends and family around the world for a successful flight.  Both of them were doing the things that they loved the most, flying and competing.  Now, little more than one week later, the prayers, love and support of millions continue to lift them up.

With the official end of the search in the Adriatic, the family of Dr. Carol Rymer Davis want to express their gratitude and appreciation for the efforts expended on behalf of Carol and Richard.  First amongst those are the officials, volunteers and participants of the Gordon Bennett 2010 International Balloon Race.  Second, the response and professionalism of the search and rescue personnel from Albania, Croatia, the United States and particularly the Italian Maritime Rescue Sub Centre will never be able to be properly recognized.  There is no more noble cause than to put one’s self at risk for another, which these professionals have done time and time again for Carol & Richard.

Finally, the outpouring of love, hope and support from friends, members of the ballooning community and complete strangers has provided and will continue to provide strength to our entire family.  We will never be able to properly respond to so many well wishers, but want them to know how much we appreciate their concern.  We also are truly thankful for the restraint shown by many to respect our privacy.

We continue to ask for everyone’s thoughts and prayers for not only Carol and Richard, but also for all the members of their families.