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News from the Balloon Fiesta Newsletter

Dec 21, 2012

Inside the Basket - Sky Gypsy Ballooning

During the 2011 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, spectator Hector Corominas from Spring Hill, Florida looked to his wife and made a major life decision that created Sky Gypsy Ballooning. He chose to become a hot air balloon pilot. A year later, Hector and wife Teri Corominas are a dedicated hot air balloon team planning to return to Balloon Fiesta for years to come.


Name of pilot:
Hector Corominas
Location of Balloon Team: Spring Hill, Florida
Years as a Pilot: Received private ballooning license in December of 2011, commercial license in June 2012.
Years attending Balloon Fiesta: Has been a non-participating guest since 2002, first Balloon Fiesta experience as a pilot in 2012.
Name of Balloon: Sky Gypsy

What was the inspiration behind the name Sky Gypsy Ballooning?
Teri Corominas explains that “Sky Gypsy” was a fitting name, as her husband has always had a wanderlust attitude. “My husband wants nothing more than to fly,” said Teri.

Your team has a very fun and active Facebook page. Do you get a lot of messages or fans?
Using social media to get people excited about hot air ballooning, Teri says the Balloon Fiesta Facebook page has helped her get over 100,000 views and over 100 fans. “I posted a picture of my husband pinning his banner on his basket at the hotel and Balloon Fiesta shared our photo before opening day. I was so excited!” said Teri. “We wanted to put the word out as much as we could and share photos with family members who could not attend. I have fallen in love with the marketing part of it!”

What brings you back to Balloon Fiesta every year, previously as a non-participating guest, now as a pilot?
“It’s the camaraderie that brings us back,” said Teri. “You get out there and people are willing to help you, as well as other pilots. We have met so many people and even landowners are friendly.” Teri explained that in Florida, landing in other people’s yards can be difficult, as well as finding crew members. With family located in Albuquerque and Balloon Fiesta supporters, they never have a problem finding a crew or another hot air ballooning fan.

“It really is nice to go somewhere and feel the appreciation for your sport.”