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Balloon Fiesta Education Center Reference Materials


" Military Ballooning During the Early Civil War" by Frederick Stansbury Haydon
" The Pre-Astronauts: Manned Ballooning on the Threshold of Space" by Craig Ryan
" Images of Hot Air Balloons; Flights of Fancy and Fantasy" by Ailsa Spindler
" Cinderella and the Hot Air Balloon" by Ann Jungman
" Ballooning" by Keith Willard
" Around the world on a Hot Air Balloon" by Malcolm Forbes
" The Art of Hot-Air Ballooning" by Rober Bansemer
" Balloon" by Karen Zager
" Balloon Ride" by Evelyn Clarke Mott
" Balloon Trip" by Ron Wagen
" Catalog of Classic American Airposts and Aeronautica: 1784-1900" by Robert Schoendorf
" The Crazy Hot Air Balloon Game" by Price Stern Sloan
" Flying Models" by Brian R. Ward
" Forks, Phongraphs, and Hot Air Balloons: A Field Guide to Inventive Thinking" by Robert J. Weber
" Free Spirits in the Sky" by John Christopher Fine
" Full of Hot Air: Launching, Floating High, and Landing" by Gary Paulsen
" Altoona Baboona" by Jane Bynum
" Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon" by Margaret Rey


"Air Sports International (FAI publication)"
"Ballooning (BFA publication)"
"Ballooning UK (ballooning in the UK)"

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