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Event News & Updates

General News

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Country Hit-Maker Josh Turner to Perform Last Saturday of Balloon Fiesta
“Blue Sky Pavilion” offers exclusivity during Balloon Fiesta
As if experiencing Balloon Fiesta as a guest wasn’t enough, there are plenty of opportunities for more in-depth involvement.
Fans To Decide the 2015 Event Name, Winners to Receive Prize Package

Gas Balloon News

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Official results have now been released for the 18th America’s Challenge distance race for gas balloons, confirming that Team 1, Peter Cuneo and Barbara Fricke, are the winners. 

The last balloon aloft in the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta’s 18th America’s Challenge distance race for gas balloons has made a safe landing about four miles north of White River in Ontario, Canada.

For most of the night, apparent America’s Challenge winners Peter Cuneo and Barbara Fricke have been transiting Lake Superior.  They’ve now been in the air more than 58 hours and have flown about 1,360 miles (2,185 km).


One balloon remains aloft in the 18th America’s Challenge distance race for gas balloons.

The Command Center has just received word that Team 5, Phil Bryant and Andy Cayton, have landed safely near Long Prairie, Minnesota. Their only problem? Mosquitoes at the landing site!

News from the Balloon Fiesta Newsletter

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Peter Cuneo and wife/partner Barbara Fricke won last year’s 2013 America’s Challenge. We asked Peter to tell us about the winning journey.

Flying competitions are one of the most exciting aspects of Balloon Fiesta.  The Albuquerque box effect creates the perfect playing field for champion balloonists.  Learn how competitive flying works during Balloon Fiesta competition days and how it’s scored here:

No sport can be complete without an announcer. The sport of hot air ballooning has had Glen Moyer as a pilot and announcer for Balloon Fiesta for over 25 years. For this month’s “Inside the Basket,” we asked Moyer about his favorite memories and the important question: “Where is that super-secret announcer platform?”

Read this month’s Inside the Basket, Balloon Fiesta’s Announcer, Glen Moyer.

As one of the official photographers of Balloon Fiesta, Paul deBerjeois is used to walking the Park with his camera and gear in hand. DeBerjeois talks about the event as his favorite assignment and his fondest memories behind the lens in this month’s Inside the Basket.

We are thrilled to preview the 2014 official Balloon Fiesta poster, created by award-winning New Mexico artist Semiramis! Click here to preview the serigraph and meet Semiramis.

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