Albuquerque Aloft

Many pilots who are registered for Balloon Fiesta sign up to participate in Albuquerque Aloft. Pilots tether or launch their balloons from selected school grounds in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho on the Friday morning before Balloon Fiesta.

Albuquerque Aloft has grown tremendously since the first event in 2005, and continues to bring the joy of ballooning directly to children in their school playgrounds. It is a great way to kick off the beginning of the nine days of Balloon Fiesta every October. Parents, students and teachers alike have the opportunity to meet the pilots and crew, and experience the excitement of watching and learning how a balloon flies. Albuquerque Aloft also provides city residents and guests a visual preview of Balloon Fiesta, as balloons launch from different sites around the city simultaneously.

Balloonists at selected schools may elect to fly from the campus or may remain inflated at the school site. Weather permitting; inflation is scheduled at approximately 6:45-7:00 a.m., with launch scheduled for 7:00 -7:30  a.m. The simultaneous launch is coordinated by KKOB AM Radio, the “official voice” of Balloon Fiesta.
Schools are encouraged to invite parents and students to be on hand for the event, and groups at some schools offer refreshments for sale, adding to the fun.

Albuquerque Aloft is the only Balloon Fiesta event in which balloons launch from pre-designated sites outside of Balloon Fiesta Park. The following is a list of the 2016 participating schools. The pilots that will scheduled to launched from each school will be added as the assignments are made.

 Albuquerque Schools

Elementary School Address Pilot 2nd Pilot
A. Montoya (/Roosevelt MS) 24 Public School Rd.  87059 Howes, Angelica  
Adobe Acres 1724 Camino Del Valle SW  87105 Tom Steinbock  
Alameda 412 Alameda Blvd. NW  87114 Steve Coffing Al Lowenstein
Alvarado 1100 Solar Rd. NW  87107 Frank Dickey Glenn See
Apache 12800 Copper St. NE  87123 Richard Neubauer  
Armijo 1440 Gatewood Rd. SW  87105 Paul Heiken  
Arroyo del Oso 6504 Harper NE  87109 James Cassell Ron Curry
Bandelier 3309 Pershing St. SE  87106 Steve Jones Taylon Sandlin
Barcelona 2311 Barcelona Rd. SW  87105 Chuck Danley   
Bel-Air 4725 Candelaria Rd. NE  87110 Phil Cathey Dick Rice (Fiesta)
Bellehaven 8701 Princess Jeanne St. NE  87112 Greg Garcia  
Carlos Rey 1215 Cerrillos Rd. SW  87121 David Fox  
Chamiza 5401 Homestead Cir. NW  87120 Jeff Duff Charles Humiston
Chaparral 6325 Milne Rd. NW  87120 Roger Hoppe Blair Kaufman
Chelwood 12701 Constitution Ave. NE  87112 Mike Bertetto Martindell, D
Cochiti 3100 San Isidro Rd. NW  87107 Timmerly Ecklund  
Comanche 3505 Pennsylvania St. NE  87110 Ray Bair Charles Garcia
Corrales    Jeff Ashworth Johnny Nash 
Dennis Chavez 7500 Barstow NE  87109 Ken Ferguson Pat Fougue
Dolores Gonzales 900 Atlantic St. SW  87102 Chris Cutter Savannah Bradley
Double Eagle 8901 Lowell NE  87122 Michael Vorhees Mike Heffron
Duranes 2436 Zickert Rd. NW  87104 Steve Stokoe Ben Drennan
Edmund G. Ross 6700 Palomas NE  87109 Mike Garcia  
Emerson 620 Georgia St. SE  87108 Mark Fritze Jeff Griego
Eubank 9717 Indian School Rd. NE  87112 Bill Wells  
Eugene Field 700 Edith Blvd. SE  87102 Thomas Gough Eric Greenwood
Georgia O'Keeffe 11701 San Victorio NE  87111 Neil Jackson  
Governor Bent 5700 Hendrix Rd. NE  87110 Dave Aley  
Griegos 4040 San Isidro NW  87107 Jason Buckner Gay James
Hawthorne 420 General Somervell St. NE  87123 Joe Candelaria   
Hodgin/NM School for Deaf 3801 Morningside Dr. NE  87110 Sam Wiley  
Inez 1700 Pennsylvania St. NE  87110 Lichele Peete  Mary Ballengee
John Baker 12015-B Tivoli St. NE  87111 Bernard Smatana  
Kit Carson 1921 Byron Ave. SW  87105 Bill Dimmitt  
La Luz 225 Griegos Rd. NW  87107 Katelyn Salazar  
La Mesa 7500 Copper Ave. NE  87108 Bruce Lavorgna  
Los Padillas 2525 Los Padillas Rd. SW  87105 Bill Manus  
Los Ranchos 7609 4th Street NW  87107 Keith Sproul  
MacArthur 1100 MacArthur Rd. NW  87107 Buzz Biernacki  
Mark Twain 6316 Constitution Ave. NE  87110 Colin Graham  
Mary Ann Binford 1400 Corriz SW  87121 Debbie Rice  
Matheson Park 10809 Lexington NE  87112 Mardi Cone  
McCollum 10900 San Jacinto St. NE  87112 David Holmes  
Mission Avenue 725 Mission Ave. NE  87107 Takach, Keith Paul Olguin
Mitchell 10121  Comanche Rd. NE  87111 Elaine Thacher Tim Evans
Monte Vista 3211 Monte Vista Blvd. NE  87106 Jonathan Wolfe Dale Ruth
Montezuma 3100 Indian School NE  87106 Tim Cloyd Danny Braddock
Navajo 2936 Hughes Rd. SW  87105 Nick Meleski  
North Star 9301 Ventura NE  87122 Martin Adie Robert Raper
Osuna 4715 Moon St. NE  87111 Carol LaRotonda Shai Shelhav
Painted Sky 8101 Gavin Dr. NW  87120 Robert Hahn  
Reginald Chavez 2700 Mountain Rd. NW  87104 Rich Lawhorn Gerard Guziel
Rudolfo Anaya 2800 Vermejo Park Dr. SW 87121 Dale Pattyn  
S.Y. Jackson 4720 Cairo Dr. NE  87111 Neal Smith Steve Adams
San Antonito 12555 North Highway 14, Sandia Park  87047 David Tennis  
Sierra Vista 10220 Paseo Del Norte NW  87114 Robert Fear Darrell Fear
Sombra Del Monte 9110 Shoshone Rd. NE  87111 Debi Ellis-Ostegun Sidney Sevrin
Susie Rayos Marmon 1800 72nd Street NW  87120 Ron Sanchez  
Tierra Antigua 8121 Rainbow Blvd. NW  87120 Frank Bacon Mike Johnson
Tomasita 701 Tomasita St. NE  87123 Fred Dinkler  
Ventana Ranch 6801 Ventana Village Rd. NW  87114 David Eichhorn  
Zia 440 Jefferson St. NE  87108 Richard Ret Peter Procopio
Zuni 6300 Claremont Ave. NE  87110 Ian Whitling Gloria Kehoe

Rio Rancho Schools

School Name Pilot #1 Pilot #2 Addtl. Request
Cielo Azul Schill, Jane Pilson, T  
Colinas del Norte Skach, Bruce Curling, Rebecca  
Enchanted Hills Makin, Jessica Peek, Fredrick Hofhiens, Mark 
Ernest Stapleton Vesley, Scott Murphy, A  
Maggie Cordova Maes, Ted Brad Rice  
Martin Luther King Jr Eric Hodges Pat Chando  
Puesta del Sol Hartshorn, Sharon Trudy DeGraff  
Rio Rancho Davie, Ryan Baca, Rod  
Sandia Vista Lete, Fred Gonzales, Mike  
Shining Stars Chavez, L Schuler, G  
Vista Grande Eldridge, Stacey Lutz, Keith  
Eagle Ridge Middle Joel Harris Rick Rood  
Lincoln Middle Jim Abell Michael Hance  
Mountain View Middle Matthew Hurst Michael Korfe  
Rio Rancho Middle Charles Polonowski Sean Rice  

Other Schools

School Name Pilot Pilot
Annunciation Catholic School Carolyn Waltman  
St. Charles Borromeo School Barney Watson Assis, Eduardo 
Corral Community Charter School Gary Boyd  
NM School for the Deaf Sam Wiley   
Hoffmantown Church Bill Woodhead  
Desert Willow Family School Thom Wright  
Alice King Andy Waner  
NM International School Charter Jeff Haliczer